Saturday, July 12, 2014

Times do change. But you gotta keep on.

Things in foul play are sad at the moment. Internal things are happening which I don't intend on releasing to the public. But in the midst of all this I have kept myself very very busy!

My costuming is amazing! No saying I'm amazing at it but all the pieces for violets "antitennessees" act are coming together "seem"lessly and Rubys "majestic" costume is just easing on through. (Rubys is a collab between the two of us) 

But violets will have to wait for just a couple more weeks. Ruby will be debuting the "majestic" on the 25th In Dallas Texas at the hotter then hell show 

So that will be the first time I get to see one of my custom costumes on stage. Like I said before it's a collab so I won't be responsible for something's but I'll be making major components. Which makes me really happy and hopeful for my new journey in costuming. 
  I still haven't gotten finished with ruby joules and jezebelle jaxx's pasties but rhinestones and beads should be here any day! I'll be sure to post the finished products. But I do have pasties for sale. these below are $50. Swarovski crystals and the best materials and way I know how to make them at the moment. Contact me at to order one of these or a custom pair!! 
(These are supernova shape) 

Enough of the sales pitch... Lol. Tomorrow is a crazy day for me! Tattooing, photoshoot, costuming, and a show!!! I'm doing to try to keep a photo diary possibly to show y'all a busy day in my life but we'll see how well I do at that!! I hope to see some faces tomorrow at Maxine's!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New thing from me!!

I have been so busy it's been hard to keep up with the blog. But regardless I'm back!! 
 Foul play has been so so busy so far this year!! We've been having so much fun mingling with the Texas burlesque scene!
( photo by soliz images photography)

We hope to make Texas foul plays second home! We even had members of the jigglewatts burlesque (Austin Texas) call us their "sister troupe" *swoon... My bestie and burly sister Ruby Lead
will be performing in the hotter then hell show next month with so many amazing performers!
I'm so happy for her! <3 
 With all that being said I have officially started  making costumes and costume accessories like pasties and hair pieces!! I am working on a full costume for the beautiful Violet D'Vine which so far is turning out so pretty!!! 

And I'm just waiting on some rhinestones to finish a pair of pasties for the ever so lovely Ruby Joule! 

I'm working on a partial costume for rosa leer bloom and working on Ruby Leads new act she'll be debuting at the hotter then hell show next month! 

I have been keeping myself crazy busy between all the performing we've been doing with moonshine mafia (we have a show this Friday!) 
I hope to see all of our little rock fans there!!! I'll be posting progress on all costumes as I get them worked on! Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

gone for so long!!

This year has been very crazy for me and the FPC! We started a monthly review at Maxine's live here in our beautiful little town of Hot Springs Arkansas in November of 2012 And we have our last show (of the regular monthly show) on December the 20th. So lets see... That puts me at a little more then two weeks to get my act(s) together. Thankfully we had the same show the same time last year, and i put a lot into my let it snow costume that i couldn't stand not using this opportunity to use it once again! So those of your who missed our Christmas show last year can be surprised and those who did come last year will be able to see the act a bit more perfected!! Also i am planning a simple cute little duo act with miss Ruby Lead. All those details will be kept a bit more secretive. :)
After the monthly show we are putting on a bake sale fundraiser for our van! It'll just be a cute little way to give everyone a little something from us personally!!
Then the new years eve will be in full swing With the Foul Play Cabaret and Moonshine Maphia at the Joint in North little rock!! we haven't performed in little rock in so long and i really hope the joint is as awesome of a venue as i hope! There needs to be more theater performance in Arkansas!! But off the subject, We Plan to bring the classiest things we can (or at least i am hahaha) to wow the socks of little rock once more!
Even with the Hectic year we have all had such a phenomenal time. We plan to get to tour some next year and show the rest of the states that there is Arkansas burlesque and not just us! over the year i have heard of a couple new troupes pop up! i'm so happy that there are more girls falling in love with burlesque! One day we might be able to have our own festival! oh talking about festivals!! The Spa City Sweethearts!!!! SCS!!!!!!!! oh how i love this show with all of my possible being. I wish i could say i remember the first time i stepped foot on the stage but sadly excitement, fear, and anxiety kept that memory from even forming haha! This year unlike last year, we hope to have some work shops and whatnot for the performers. I plan to make some sweet decorations if i can... i have a few ideas. My act is already in the planning and kinda in the making. i'm having my first costume made by the lovely Black Mariah! i'm actually too excited about that! With that being done i have way more time to work on my props (cause i'm dreaming BIG this year!) and on the new performers that i can comfort and help on their way to for me was a life changing experience. So many things!! i'm so excited for them!!! But with the good comes the bad. Sadly things in my life have hit a little rocky point. Not surprisingly its around the holidays also. But i'm planning to do a little something with me and my love (Vinny Vadge) for Christmas instead of my traditional friend/family meal. With the stress of the monthlies and all that has conspired in the last year, the family like relationship between a lot of my friends and me hasn't been the best. I figure the best thing to do is to let the holidays go by and all the sad gloomy weather goes away and see what the new year brings me. I hope for peace with my friends, i hope for a van so tour can happen, i hope for everything good for everyone who might read this. now off to bed!! i'll leave you with a new photo by ernie rice photography

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artist block

It's been a while since I've written! I've been super super busy with the monthlies at Maxine's! (Next one is march 15th)

Lately I've had a serious costuming block!! With having to put together costumes in such a short period of time is a taxing project! I'm currently working on a couple things that are totally different from what I've done before. I think you will love it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After the show talk~ Memphis Burlesque Showcase

This years second annual memphis burlesque showcase was simply amazing! There were so many beautiful and talented performers there that I got to meet or get reacquainted with. Lola Vee and Bobbie Baltimore did an excellent job keeping the show entertaining and organized! The headliner this year was GiGi LaFemme. In my opinion one of the most graceful and exciting dancers I've ever had the pleasure of watching. And such a nice lady too!! I was super happy to be part of this event this year. Raven Rose, the Honky Tonk Hussies, Bree Von Buxxxom, Puss Powerbottom, and myself represented the hell out of Arkansas!!! And our own Puss Powerbottom went home with most dazzling!! If you must see our performances be sure to look up Memphis Burlesque Showcase on YouTube!!! You'll find our performances and many more sensational performances!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Memphis burlesque showcase progress

So I've been working on my Memphis burlesque showcase costume for a few weeks now. I'm super excited!!! I bought about 5,000 crystals and I've been meticulously placing all over everything!! I'm hoping for a wonderful turn out!! Here's some progress I have made :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Me as Marilyn -tribute shoot

I finally got a chance to do the Marilyn shoot!!! It was shot by Mark Jesse here in hot springs. It was the nudist I've been for a long time lol I need more nudie time!!!!!